This week in tacky news

If we were to play the word association game, the first things a lot of people would come up with when the word “tacky” is mentioned are Snooki, Tila Tequila or Miley Cyrus’ faux-grunge “revolution”. In a sense, those three define tacky. For the blessed few who are not aware of the aforementioned phenomenon, let’s just define tacky news as news in bad taste or news about people with bad taste. So this week in tacky news:

It would perhaps be most opportune to start with the most recent host of the famous Video Music Awards held on Sunday, August 31st. Miley Cyrus has been making the news for a while now for her peculiar and bizarre antics that have only accelerated over time. The wackiness was in full mode as Miley hosted the VMAs and showed off weird costumes and outfits, and had a spat with Nicki Minaj. The strangest thing about all of it though (and it was not the plastic tarp she came on wearing, though that might be a close second) was how the whole award show became about Miley Cyrus. In a sense, her off-putting behavior was enabled and put on display for reasons unknown. This was all no more than 3 months after a driving incident caused the need for her to get her car towed from the side of the road near a small town in New Jersey — thankfully the company who came to the rescue ( was able to get everything and everyone back safe and sound. In a sense, that’s what wrong with the direction the music industry is headed in.

Another spoof that launched itself as a major news item was Kanye West’s announcement for President of United States of America candidacy for 2020 cycle. As with most things in our dilapidated day and age, it took a while for audiences around the world to realize he wasn’t serious (or was he?) by which time throngs of young teens had thrown support behind BROTUS and throngs of adults had renounced faith from the political system yet once more.

And speaking of the political system, the Trump campaign continues to dominate the Republican side of the race. Trump supporters fiercely defend the Presidential candidate as someone who speaks his mind and speaks the truth. What truth is that is something political analysts have been working hard to decipher (update: still no update). So far we know there’s a wall that will be built, that Mr. Trump is very rich, that women are “dogs” and “fat pigs”, that Mr. Trump is very rich, that Mexico sends over rapists and drug dealers because Mexico is smart and USA is not, and that Mr. Trump is very rich. What was initially thought of as a joke or a publicity stunt has become a serious political issue and a very tacky one as well. Recently, Donald Trump berated the “pathetic Club for Growth”, a Republican Super PAC that claims Trump sought their support. A message to the Club for Growth: he doesn’t need your support, he’s very rich.

And on the campaign trail, the tackiest development yet has been Senator Ted Cruz’s attempt to endear himself to the country by featuring in a faux audition for the Simpsons. The video manages to be cringe worthy in less than two minutes and is epitome of the disconnect that exists between Republican party leaders and the rest of the world.

This past week, a woman by the name of Susan Surette was presented in the Broward courtroom, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, over charges of disorderly intoxication. Susan, aged 54, is also known among restricted circles as Kayla Kupcakes apparently, as part of her profession in the escorting and porn industry. She then proceeded to strip in front of the presiding judge, in an effort to make a case of harassment by police officers at the time of the arrest. The unimpressed judge set a bail for $100 and ordered a mental health evaluation subsequently. In more tacky news, daycare workers in a New Jersey facility were charged with child abuse and endangering the welfare of a child for encouraging fights among toddlers and subsequently filming and uploading those baby brawls on Snapchat.

And lastly, the Associated Press, the bastion of freedom and equality, referred to Amal Clooney, a prominent human rights lawyer currently working on a high profile journalism case relating to freedom of press (ironically), as an actor’s wife. It would be redundant to call this tacky. They might as well have referred to her as the male-actor’s property with such an insistence of primitive reporting. That’s all for this dose of tacky news. Stay tacky, stay cringe worthy!

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